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Volume 25 No. 87

Friday, February 9, 2018

Volume 24 No. 107

Opening Ceremony Includes Nods To Korean Culture, Innovation

Around 35,000 spectators "witnessed a tightly-choreographed performance unfold at the Olympic Stadium in near-freezing conditions."

USOC's Probst Defends Blackmun's Handling Of Nassar Scandal

Probst said Blackmun has "served the USOC with distinction" since '10 and the USOC believes he "did the right thing at the right time."

USOC Considers Major Changes To NGB System

A restructuring that would make the USOC a single, consolidated entity with direct oversight over all Olympic sports was not ruled out.

U.S. Soccer Presidential Election Coming Down To The Wire

The six "change" candidates have "sought to combat the growing likelihood that an establishment candidate would prevail."

USA Track & Field Strips Lananna Of Power Citing Conflict Of Interest

Lananna has "not been accused of any financial impropriety," but the bureaucratic "battle of governance has real-world implications in Oregon."

MSG Co. Aims To Transform Live Entertainment With Sphere Venues

A new audio format would send sound "directly to a specific location instead of blasting it over speakers spread through a venue."

Boston Herald Pulls Reportedly Erroneous Story About Tom Brady

WEEI's "Kirk & Callahan" reported Ron Borges "got his information from a caller to their show pretending to be" agent Don Yee.