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Volume 24 No. 134


Michigan's Jim Harbaugh is "everywhere," and so is coverage of the football coach, with the visibility largely being attributed to Harbaugh "embracing social media with his patented 'enthusiasm unknown to mankind,'" according to Ty Duffy of THE ATHLETIC. Harbaugh can be found "dispensing trick-or-treating advice" or "hobnobbing" with the lieks of Tom Selleck or rapper Migos. The coach is "consuming milk at unorthodox times, re-enacting the Lion King, trolling SEC head coaches, and violating accepted glove-wearing protocol for adult baseball fans." Whether the content is "silly or sober, Harbaugh provides an endless fountain of viral moments." Duffy: "Many view Harbaugh’s social media filibuster as frivolous, tangential, and annoying. They would prefer to talk the nuts and bolts of football. But, the truth is Harbaugh’s social media strategy has been a vital part of his rebuilding" at UM. His social media presence "rebranded his image." He is now "warm, goofy, and enthusiastic," seen as the "family-oriented coach who will play with younger siblings." He has become the "cool coach riding go karts and shooting videos with rappers." The "wall-to-wall Harbaugh coverage his social media presence generates is great for recruiting." It is "hard to argue Harbaugh’s promotional efforts at Michigan have not been a raging success his first two seasons." UM has gone from "losing recruits to Michigan State to battling Alabama for the top recruits in the country" (, 8/16).

Oklahoma's Joe Castiglione has been voted the top AD in the country, according to an survey of both members of the media and fellow ADs.'s Bruce Feldman wrote he wanted to see "what makes a good athletic director and who the best ones are." He asked two "basic questions" of both groups. Feldman: "What factors determine how effective these folks are at their jobs? And who are the best three ADs in the business?" Castiglione received 16 points from the media's votes -- scored on a three-two-one basis -- edging out Michigan State's Mark Hollis and Alabama's Greg Byrne. One media member wrote of Castiglione, "Good outward reputation and has both maintained and built within the department, with a good number of sports finding consistent success." He garnered 18 points from the ADs, outdistancing TCU's Chris Del Conte and Duke's Kevin White. One unnamed AD wrote, "I don't know anybody that says a bad word about Joe Castiglione and the amount of success they've had [on] and off the field, and what they've done there since he's been there is remarkable." A total of 18 ADs were mentioned in the two votes (, 8/17).