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Volume 24 No. 177

Sports in Society

CFP Exec Dir Bill Hancock said the championship committee is "watching Austin just like many others" as the Texas state Legislature continues to discuss a bill that would govern which restroom transgender people can use, according to the DALLAS MORNING NEWS. Currently, three bathroom bills have been "proposed that would either restrict restroom use based on biological sex or undo city ordinances that protect the right of transgender men, women and children to use intimate facilities that match their gender identity." The Big 12 Conference Thursday said that it "stands behind its previous statement, which says the league 'continues to track on the progress of Senate Bill 6 through the Texas State legislature, and at an appropriate time will discuss its impact with our member institutions.'" The Big 12 Championship game is "set to be played in Arlington's AT&T Stadium this year." Even if the conference "chose to oppose the bill, a move out of Texas would not be likely considering that all of the enclosed neutral-site stadium options for the football title game within the Big 12's footprint are in Texas" (DALLAS MORNING NEWS, 8/11).

STARS PRAISED FOR STANCE: The Stars this week became the first pro sports team to publicly oppose the Texas bathroom bill, and THE HOCKEY NEWS' Matt Larkin wrote it is "great to see the Stars take a progressive step in a league that isn’t always known for being the first to set such examples." The question now is "whether the NHL will follow suit in the event the bill passes." Larkin: "Bravo, Dallas, for setting a great example, opposing a highly discriminatory bill" (, 8/10). In Dallas, Tim Cowlishaw wrote it was a "great move" by the Stars. More teams "should have the courage to do it." Cowlishaw: "I'm glad the Stars did. Cowboys should do the same; it would have a huge negative impact on AT&T Stadium getting events" (, 8/10). In Ft. Worth, Mac Engel writes despite "obvious interest in the measure," the Cowboys "so far have not commented on the controversial bathroom bill." A team spokesperson said that the franchise "does not expect to publicly comment on this topic." Engel: "It's a bad secret the Cowboys want no part of this bill" (FT. WORTH STAR-TELEGRAM, 8/11).