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Volume 24 No. 112

Leagues and Governing Bodies

The UFC could use the "crush of mainstream attention" that comes with the Floyd Mayweather Jr.-Conor McGregor fight to "push the action set to take place in the Octagon between now and then and reflect some of that spotlight on the current stars of the organization," according to E. Spencer Kyte of the Vancouver PROVINCE. UFC President Dana White is "sure to be front-and-centre during the next couple months, answering questions about how the fight came together and whatnot on various major platforms." That is when UFC can "plug Amanda Nunes ... defending the women’s bantamweight title against Valentina Shevchenko in the main event of UFC 213" and "push one of the biggest rematches in UFC history when Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones finally run it back at UFC 214 in Anaheim." Mayweather-McGregor can be a "Trojan Horse that provides the UFC with an opportunity to use the massive amount of attention heading its way to promote the nine events on the schedule between now and Aug. 26 and tell people who they need to tune in to see and why." It is something the UFC has "struggled with in the past." Rather than just "allowing the Mayweather-McGregor fight to swallow up all the oxygen in the room and overshadow everything else going on in the company the rest of the year," UFC can use the attention it brings to "give some love to the men and women who are still stepping into the Octagon and competing under the UFC banner" (Vancouver PROVINCE, 6/16).

There have been "recent moves toward a players' association" for the North American "League of Legends" Championship Series, and the association "isn't being started by the players" but by game publisher Riot itself, according to Kieran Darcy of Riot Senior Manager of Esports League Operations Chris Greely said, "We've all seen the benefits that players' associations can bring to professional players in a given league, whether it's Major League Baseball, the NBA or the NFL." He added, "It is important as we begin to move forward in a different alignment with the owners that the players have a voice at that table and are able to have someone in those discussions whose sole responsibility is to answer to the players and look out for their interests." Darcy noted Riot "hosted a players summit at its California campus on June 5, inviting all starters and active subs to participate." As part of that summit, three presentations were "made by candidates to head up the players' association, all put forward by Riot," and former NBPA Assistant General Counsel Hal Biagas "got the job." As part of this initiative, Riot will "provide funding for the NA LCS players' association as well, at least at the start." This has "led some to question its motives." There are "certainly differences between how this organization is being set up and how players' associations in traditional sports have been formed" (, 6/15).'s Darcy noted after spending nearly 13 years with the NBPA, Biagas left in '09 to "join the Wasserman Media Group." Three years later he "moved to Excel Sports Management, where he represented" former NBAer and current Bucks coach Jason Kidd, among others. Earlier this year he "left Excel to start his own agency, Sideline Sports Management" (, 6/15).