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Sterling's Alleged Comments Dominate Monologues On Late-Night TV Talk Shows

The late-night talk show last night predictably skewered Clippers Owner DONALD STERLING for the racist comments he allegedly made in an audiotape released over the weekend. NBC's Jimmy Fallon said, "Sterling and the Clippers released a statement saying they weren’t sure if the tape was even real. That is still not a good sign if you hear your voice in a racist rant and go, ‘That might be me, sounds like something I might have said, maybe.’" He added, "Even PRESIDENT OBAMA is calling Donald Sterling’s racist remarks incredibly offensive, and you know it’s bad when even PUTIN is like, ‘I hate to say it, but I am with Obama on this one'" ("The Tonight Show," NBC, 4/28). ABC's Jimmy Kimmel said, "Most everyone seems to agree that Donald Sterling should be forced to sell the team. ... If he sells the team, this guy is going to make at least $500 million, which that’s not much of a punishment in my book. But I think I have a solution, I think I have an idea that will work for everyone. I will buy the team from Donald Sterling for $5,000. I think it would be great for the city. I think it would be perfect for basketball. First of all, I love basketball. Secondly, I have $5,000 and thirdly, I happen to love black people. ... Donald Sterling, I will give you $5,000 cash, by the way. Do whatever you want with it. Give it to the NAACP, maybe they’ll give you another reward. I would be proud to take the reins of what was once and again will be the worst, most miserable franchise in all of sports” (“Jimmy Kimmel Live,” ABC, 4/28). CBS' David Letterman: "It must be terribly embarrassing for this guy to be identified as the owner of the Clippers, I mean honest to God. Earlier today he was rushed to the PAULA DEEN rehab center, so that’s where he’ll be." Letterman also dedicated his Top 10 List to Sterling, dubbing it the “Top 10 Guys Donald Sterling Looks Like"  (“Late Show,” CBS, 4/28).

10) “The only naked guy in the sauna.”
9) “The guy who parks with one wheel on the sidewalk.”
8) “The guy who licks his fingers before pulling cash off a wad.”
7) “The guy at the gas station smoking near the pumps.”
6) “The guy who thinks every male performer is gay.”
5) “The guy who takes a bite out of a sandwich at a buffet and puts it back.”
4) “The guy who hits on a bride at her wedding.”
3) “A satisfied customer in ‘Cash For Gold’ ads.”
1) “The soon-to-be former owner of the Los Angeles Clippers.”

MORE LATE-NIGHT OUTTAKES: The HOLLYWOOD REPORTER’s Debbie Emery notes Arsenio Hall on his show last night “took a selfie with a life-size cutout” of Sterling. Hall said, “If Donald Sterling was upset that his girlfriend was being Instagrammed with black people, imagine how upset he would be if there were pictures of him on Instagram with black people." Hall described the photo as "Ebony and Bigotry." Conan O'Brien on his TBS show took “a different angle on the racism backlash.” He said, "After the audio was released, the NAACP decided not to honor Donald Sterling with a 'Lifetime Achievement' award. Instead they’re giving him the 'Reason We Still Need an NAACP' award.” Meanwhile, NBC’s Seth Meyers on "Late Night" mentioned Sterling in a segment called "Couple of Things." Meyers said, "First thing, 'yikes!' It is 2014, that is the year we live in and also how racist you are on a scale of one to 10” (, 4/29).