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Volume 24 No. 156
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Facility Notes

In Pasadena, Lauren Gold notes the City Council on Monday said that it will "allow the Rose Bowl to host 18 large-scale events at the stadium this year, and has not completely removed the NFL option from the table for 2015." Revenues "are up for the Rose Bowl this year." Rose Bowl BOD President Victor Gordo said that the revenue increase is "a sign the stadium is trending in the right direction without the controversial NFL." Premium seating revenues "are projected at more than" $7M this fiscal year, up from $2.1M last year. UCLA football revenues "are set to hit" $5M this fiscal year, a "huge jump" from last year’s $1.9M. Revenues from "large non-football events are projected" at $1M this fiscal year and $2M next year (PASADENA STAR-NEWS, 2/12).

GOING BY THE BOOK: In Portland, Allan Brettman notes the MLS Timbers "had strict naming rights guidelines" under an agreement with the city, including a list of "off-limits potential naming-rights partners." The agreement states in part: "The Stadium Naming Rights may be conveyed to a business (but not an individual or political entity), but may not be to a business associated with or that connotes: tobacco products, gun manufacturers ... Naming Rights may be conveyed to a business associated with or connoting alcohol products, but only with the prior approval of the City in its sole discretion." The agreement added, "The name may include the name of a state, but not the name of a city of more than 1,000 residents in Oregon or Washington, except for the name 'Portland'" (Portland OREGONIAN, 2/12).

NEW MANN IN TOWN: The Red Wings and Olympia Entertainment announced a multiyear partnership with Michigan-based CPA and business consulting firm Rehmann for naming rights to the suite level of Joe Louis Arena for all sporting and entertainment events. The executive-suite level at the arena will receive an upgrade and be renamed the Rehmann Suite Level. The deal also includes signage for Rehmann throughout the suite level and concourse (Red Wings).

CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW? In L.A., Steve Dilbeck noted the Dodgers "really, really plan to have their new Wi-Fi system up and running" for '14. New antennas are "being installed throughout Dodger Stadium, some visible in the upper decks between handrails, some in overhangs and some under seats." The Dodgers expect the system to "be operational by the home opener April 4 against the Giants." Dilbeck: "Of course, the Dodgers promised the same thing last year and it never fully happened" (, 2/11).