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Weekend Plans With The Marketing Arm President Dan Belmont: Barbeque And Bocce

After being on the road the last few days, The Marketing Arm President DAN BELMONT is looking forward to a long weekend at home in Dallas with family. Belmont spent last weekend golfing and fishing in Cape Cod with his buddies -- where they caught an 85-pound, 58-inch-long tuna -- before jetting off to N.Y. to take in some early rounds of tennis at the U.S. Open. Now it is time to return to the Lone Star State and celebrate the last weekend of summer the only way the Belmont family knows how -- with golf, barbeque and bocce.

MILESTONE MOMENTS: It’s been a big year around the Belmont home. I turned 50 this year, my daughter KRISTEN got married and now I also have a granddaughter, ISA. I’m loving being a grandfather. Every time I see my granddaughter -- she’s only three months old -- but every time I see her it seems like she’s gotten so much bigger. So if I’m looking forward to one thing this weekend it’s seeing my family and friends, making some good food and holding my granddaughter for as long as they’ll let me. Now that we have this extended family, we’re having friends and family over for a barbeque on Saturday after a round of golf. I’m usually always looking at where I can be fishing or where I can be playing golf. It’s two of the things I try to get in just about every weekend.

PAR FOR THE COURSE: I run or I go to cross-fit every day. So I’ll start Friday morning with cross-fit, then I’ll get a few hours of work in since it is a work day, and we’ll be teeing off in the afternoon with a couple groups of guys. I’m a member at TPC in Las Colinas and we’ll be playing there on Friday, and Saturday we’ll be playing at another local club near me called Trophy Club. We typically walk. It’s a great way to stay fit and if it’s not too hot an afternoon in Texas -- it can get up above 100 -- we like to get a walk in. If not, we’ll be driving. We’re going to have a group of two foursomes on Friday and three foursomes on Saturday. This weekend is just the boys.

MEET THE FAMILY: My boys play golf and I hope that they’re out with us on Friday, but I don’t think that's going to work, so maybe Saturday morning. My youngest son OSCAR is a senior at South Lake Carroll High School, and he loves to play golf. He’s also a lacrosse stud. So many weekends are spent watching him play lacrosse. It’s a big year-round activity in Texas. I love watching the sport, especially with my son out there. But there’s no lacrosse this weekend so I’m hoping that he’ll get out with us Saturday morning. My other son, SCOTT, is a sophomore at the University of Oklahoma and I was hoping he’d come home for the barbeque on Saturday, but it’s their first football game of the year against Louisiana-Monroe and I think that’s too exciting for him to pass up.

GRILL MASTER: Since it’s Labor Day, we’ve got to cook American. I’m a pretty good cook. I was going to dry-rub some ribs, I’ve got a pretty good recipe and they’re pretty special, but my wife asked me to slow cook a brisket instead. So we’ll have brisket tacos with fresh corn tortillas, home-made salsa and guacamole served with a corn hash. That includes basting corn-on-the-cob with maple syrup while it grills, then cutting it off the cob and stirring in bacon, grilled onions and chopped sage. After all the food, a big part of Saturday is bocce ball. I put a bocce court -- regulation size -- in our backyard three years ago, and now every time we have people over it ends in a massive bocce tournament between the guys and girls.

: This Monday is an off day, which makes Sunday feel a little bit more like Saturday. On Sunday my wife and I will -- we won’t sleep in -- but we’ll take the day a little more slower. We’ll read the newspaper in the backyard, I’ll get a run in, we’ll go to church, then my wife and I have massages booked for the afternoon. After all that we’ll probably spend some time around the pool and plan a meal for later in the day. We also save up all of our TV shows -- like “DEXTER,” “HOMELAND,” and “BREAKING BAD” -- for Sunday night. We get psyched for the next episodes. Those have become almost appointment television for us.