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Minding My Business With MillerCoors Sports & Entertainment Marketing Dir Adam Dettman

MillerCoors Dir of Sports & Entertainment Marketing ADAM DETTMAN is a people person. He thinks that is a vital quality to building his own team as well as his clientele. Dettman, a Chicago resident and self-proclaimed ESPN junkie, recently spoke about how he applies that principle to the workplace, his love of pizza and why he rides his bike to work almost every day.

Most of my work time is spent thinking about….
There are two things. Right from the start you have to look at your portfolio of partnerships and determine, ultimately, are you well-positioned to sell more beer. That’s our number one goal. In addition, for me, the other pieces are focusing on the people on our team. Are we a talented team, ready to go? Building my team is important.

Best advice I’ve ever received….
One of the best pieces of advice I got was from (Target Exec VP & CMO) JEFF JONES. In products and brands like Coors Light, people play a role. It’s critical to make sure that you understand you have to motivate yourself and be relevant to consumers, and you have to provide value to retailers. As much as we like to think about packaging on shelves, people play a critical role in your business.

Our industry needs more of….
What we need from the sports industry and what we can always benefit from is that maniacal focus on the fan experience. The more you see it, whether its leagues or teams, they’re continuing to try and understand what is enhancing that fan experience. Whether it’s at the venue, at home, on the go, with that maniacal focus we’ll all be better as far as the engagement we need.

First media I consume every morning….
I’m a bit of an ESPN junkie. I tune into, but I also like to kick it old school, so my Chicago Tribune keeps me grounded in my community and gives me a chance to read the business and sports sections before I hit the streets.

iPhone or Blackberry….
iPhone. For me it’s the user interface that’s great. My kids would tell you it’s for the Angry Birds, but for me it’s got a great interface.

Apps I’m using….
I enjoy Google Maps. I don’t like red lights, I don’t like traffic. It’s probably why I ride my bike to work every day to and from work. But when I have to get in the car, I’ll often refer to that app to make sure I don’t get stuck in traffic.

I want to ride my bicycle….
It’s a 3.5-mile one-way trip. If it’s windy in Chicago it might be a 20-minute ride. But I’m fortunate to live downtown and make the commute in on the bike; it’s a peace of mind that whether it’s 20 below and snowing or it’s a beautiful day, it’s become part of my daily routine. It frees my mind on the way in or out.

Business lunches in Chicago….
One of my haunts, it could be lunch or late night, is Billy Goat Tavern over on lower Michigan for a great cheeseburger. I’ve got another favorite when it comes to dinner. La Scarola is an Italian restaurant that is a little off the beaten path that I enjoy. Breakfast, lunch or dinner, Pequod's is my spot for that. If I could only go to one spot, that would be it.

Most recent music download….
I recently downloaded JASON ALDEAN’s “Take a Little Ride” off his new album, "Night Train." MUMFORD & SONS' “I Will Wait” is at the top of my playlist. One of my favorites.

Can’t-miss TV shows….
I’m still mourning the finale of "Friday Night Lights." My wife and I loved that show, it was one of our weekly rituals. I’m still in mourning over that. But the way to fill the void is more ESPN “SportsCenter” and anticipating the return of “Arrested Development” on Netflix.