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Volume 24 No. 117


Jaguars coach Mike Mularkey this season has gotten his players to "buy into a reduced-celebration policy by introducing a wrinkle into the scheme," according to Kevin Clark of the WALL STREET JOURNAL. Mularkey "decided he’d donate to charity every time they handed the ball over to the referees" after a touchdown. The team said that Mularkey's $250 donation is “matched by the Jaguars’ foundation and, as the status of the program has grown, seven local companies have pitched in to raise $28,000 this season for the Ronald McDonald House.” Mularkey's plan is "systematically killing off the NFL dance party,” but he “insists he’s not trying to kill the celebration.” Mularkey said that he is "'very, very’ surprised at how well players have taken to it.” Clark notes so far this season, 16 “subdued Jaguars touchdowns have made the cut for a donation.” The team's typical touchdown celebration “now looks more fitting for a company softball team." Each player "flies towards the touchdown scorer and the entire team high fives.” As part of the “no-dancing, no-spiking routine, players are expected to high-five fans.” The Jaguars are currently last in the league in scoring, at 14.7 points a game, “meaning their triumph over the overcooked celebration has a small sample size” (WALL STREET JOURNAL, 10/31).