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GMR's Steve Dupee Planning Tough Mudder, Packers Game During Birthday Weekend

The bells and whistles will be going off in Wisconsin, but not just for the start of the NFL season. GMR Marketing Senior VP/Client Management STEVE DUPEE celebrates his 38th birthday this weekend and he is going all out for the occasion. But, as any true GMRer will tell you, the fiesta would not be complete without a Miller Lite.

GETTING DOWN AND DIRTY: On Saturday, I’m going to be doing the Tough Mudder event. It was designed by British Special Forces and it’s an 11-mile obstacle course with 25 different military-style obstacles. So you’re essentially running through mud and over hills and across rivers and through woods and doing obstacles the whole way along. Pretty crazy but it raises money for the Wounded Warrior Project. I was talked into doing it by some neighborhood friends. There’s a group of about 15 of us who are hopefully going to help each other through it all. I know I’m going to need a boost over the walls and through some of the mud pits, that’s for sure.

FINISH STRONG: Our goal is to just finish together without any injuries and just have enough energy left to enjoy the post party. We don’t care about time. I’ve never done the Tough Mudder, but apparently there is a pretty solid post party afterwards with beers and food. We’re just hoping to make it through. I just want to come out unscathed. No broken bones, no twisted ankles.

FOOTBALL FIESTA: On Sunday morning, if I can still walk, I’m going to be heading up to the hallowed ground of Lambeau Field for the Packers’ season opener against the 49ers. It’s kind of a birthday tradition of mine to hit the Packers home opener with some friends. A group of us will tailgate in true Wisconsin style with beer and brats and cheese. Then we’re going to head into the Miller Lite End Zone section, which is in the north end zone.

GRILL MASTER: We’ll tailgate right in the parking lot. We’ll bring out the beers and grill up some brats. Have some slices of cheese, all the traditional Wisconsin tailgating fare. … Johnsonville brats with some onions and mustard. … Maybe we’ll stick a candle in a brat at the tailgate party.

WHAT NOT TO WEAR? I’ve got a PAUL HORNUNG throw-back jersey, I’ve got a REGGIE WHITE jersey and then I’ve got a CLAY MATTHEWS jersey. So I always have to decide every game which one I’m going to go with. I think I’ll probably go Clay Matthews because it’s the home opener and he’s obviously currently on the team. So I got to give him some love.

CELEBRATING IN STYLE: I’m going to celebrate my birthday actually on my birthday with my family. So on Monday the 10th, I’ll celebrate that night with my wife and kids.