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Volume 24 No. 155


Chick-fil-A Bowl President Gary Stokan, who is based in Atlanta, “believes -- and is trying to get others to believe -- that his city is now positioned to become the college football capital of the world,” according to Tony Barnhart of Stokan said, “We are at the intersection of the ACC and the SEC with alumni from every school in the country. The passion for college football here can't be matched. We already host some of the biggest events in the sport.” Barnhart noted Atlanta is "one of several cities" that last week received a Request for Proposal for the new Champions Bowl, which will match teams from the SEC and Big 12. The cities will “make their best bids for the Champions Bowl and submit them by Aug. 22.” Atlanta and the Chick-fil-A Bowl “have been building a war chest” of a reported $13M “waiting for an opportunity like this." Meanwhile, the Sugar Bowl is “reported to have a war chest of at least $40 million.” Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones and Cowboys Stadium “have unlimited resources, and certainly want to play.” Barnhart: "Look for those two to fight it out for the game” (, 8/3).

REMEMBER THE ALAMO: In San Antonio, Tim Griffin notes the city is among those asked by the SEC and Big 12 “to bid on their new Champions Bowl.” The Valero Alamo Bowl was asked “to be among 10 bidders for a game.” Alamo Bowl President & CEO Derrick Fox said, “We're now meeting with our partners to discuss what makes the most sense for San Antonio.” Griffin notes other cities that have been asked to bid “include Dallas, New Orleans, Atlanta, Phoenix, Houston, Orlando, Nashville, Tampa and Jacksonville” (SAN ANTONIO EXPRESS-NEWS, 8/7).

NOT SURE IN NASHVILLE: Nashville Sports Council President & CEO Scott Ramsey said that it “was flattering" the city was asked to bid on the new Champions Bowl, but he is "not sure if Nashville will.” Ramsey: “We’re very excited about being on the list because I think that underscores that Nashville is important to the Southeastern Conference. For them to send us an RFP and include us in the process means that we’re not only an important bowl destination but an important city to the Southeastern Conference.” He added, “Our evaluation is going to be very big picture. Do we think our chances are strong enough that we want to spend the resources and time necessary to put forth a bid for the Champions Bowl? … The Music City Bowl remains our priority.” Ramsey said that he will “discuss it with Music City Bowl chairman Brad Lampley and then with the executive committee on a conference call at some point over the next two weeks” (Nashville TENNESSEAN, 8/7).