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What's Up For The Weekend With M&C Saatchi's Sandra Carreon-John

Carreon-John and her family
are big Rangers fans
M&C Saatchi Sport & Entertainment Senior VP SANDRA CARREON-JOHN, a Manhattan native, enjoys staying local with her family on the weekends, reveling in N.Y.'s Upper East Side and playing outdoors. Carreon-John is no stranger to the sports scene, having previously served as MSG VP/Sports Team Publicity and ESPN Dir of Communications after beginning her career at the NHL as Dir of Corporate Communication & Publicity. She and her family plan to make the most of their weekend, hitting up the ballpark, an ice skating rink and the NHL Rangers game Saturday night.

READY TO RUMBLE: On Friday night we let my son stay up, and he’s really into WWE and he’ll watch “Friday Night Smackdown” on SyFy. He’s really into it. … My son loves TRIPLE H, he loves SHAWN MICHAELS. He loves every wrestler and he’ll tell you what their signature moves are. … The boys tend to wrestle with each other during it and the dog gets all nuts. We live in an apartment and so it’s not like we have this massive amount of space. We’ll have this Wrestlemania fight in our living room. But it’s fun.

BOOT CAMP: Saturdays we are up really early and we live across the street from Central Park. On Saturday mornings we take my son and the dog. My husband did a lot of modeling, but he also used to be one of the star trainers on ESPN2 back when ESPN2 had those training shows. He kicks my butt usually on Saturday mornings. We do this workout, it’s like a Central Park circuit workout somewhat inspired by Cross Fit and PRX.

THE PUCK STOPS HERE: My son has a game at the Great Lawn at 11:15 (on Saturday). He plays on an 8U travel baseball team called NY Spartans. It’s the second game of the season. They're 0-1. Last week they lost to CHRIS DRURY’s son’s team. ... Then I have to take my son to a classmate’s birthday party. It’s dodgeball themed, I don’t even know what that means (laughing).

RANGER DANGER: We’re going to watch the Rangers play the Senators at the Garden. We’re huge hockey fans. … We have a 60" flat-screen TV at home, which is actually embarrassing to admit, and my son will wear a jersey we got for him that has his name on the back and the hockey number that he wears for his hockey team, which is number 50. So it says JOHN 50. It’s a white Rangers jersey and it is so banged-up and dirty, it’s practically not even white anymore.

EARLY BIRDS HIT THE ICE: My son wanted to go to Puck and Stick Time at City Ice Pavilion (in Long Island City), so we’re going to go but it’s really early. It’s at 6:00-7:20am. … It’s pretty fun because they allow parents on the ice and we just play a little mini game with your kids. So we’ll meet other parents there that we know and other kids that we know.