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MLB Franchise Notes: Dodgers Ask Bankruptcy Court To Throw Out Bryan Stow Case

In L.A., Carol Williams noted the Dodgers asked U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Kevin Gross Friday "to reject claims for damages filed by the family of Bryan Stow, who was beaten in a Dodger Stadium parking lot on opening day of the 2011 season." In a 44-page motion, attorneys for the Dodgers "argued that neither the team nor other entities in the baseball club's corporate structure have any liability for the March 31 assault that left Bryan Stow in a coma for months." The latest filing asks the Bankruptcy Court "to reject Stow's claims altogether, arguing that he can't prove a connection between the alleged security lapses and his beating" (, 2/3).

PREDICTING THE FUTURE: In N.Y., Bill Madden noted if the Dodgers "wind up selling for $2 billion or more, the value of the Mets, a signature franchise in their own right, in the country’s largest media market with their own network and new stadium, despite their present hard times, have to be worth close to $3 billion." One source said, "What that means, is that the Wilpons can now go back to their banks, point to the value of the team, and say: ‘Lend us more money'" (N.Y. DAILY NEWS, 2/5).  

A PIRATE'S LIFE: In Boston, Nick Cafardo noted Pirates GM Neal Huntington "believes in what the Pirates are trying to accomplish and feels his fan base is responding." Huntington said, "You look at what Tampa Bay has done. You look at the Clevelands, Arizonas, Colorados. Minnesota has done it for years. Good management. Good decisions. Good process, good systems, good people, good players, creates winning teams, and that’s where we believe we’re headed. That’s our focus. We don’t worry about what we don’t have. We worry about what we do have and how we compete with the big-market clubs and how we win" (BOSTON GLOBE, 2/5).

THROWING THE CHANGE UP: In S.F., Scott Oslter named A's Owner Lew Wolff his "Knucklehead of the Week" and wrote the gulf between Wolff and reality "continues to widen." At the A's FanFest, Wolff "met with a few selected fans, one-on-one, knowing he could charm the starstruck individuals with his folksy smile." He claimed his "garage-sale team can compete with the division powers, the Rangers and Angels." Ostler: "Does Wolff even know what sport the A's play?" (, 2/5).

COME ONE, COME ALL: The Brewers last week announced they have created a program to accommodate approximately 100 people in a peanut-controlled area in Miller Park for three home games this season. Brewers COO Rick Schlesinger said, "Our goal is to make Miller Park accessible to as many fans as possible, including those with mild peanut allergies" (Brewers).