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What's Up For The Weekend With Marlins President David Samson

Samson has a 21-mile run
Sunday morning
Marlins President DAVID SAMSON lives a high-octane life, and this weekend will be no different. Samson will be in Las Vegas to celebrate his sister’s 30th birthday and brother-in-law’s 35th birthday. But even with the party underway, Samson plans to find time for his training runs along the Strip and has an early departure to be back for a 21-mile run in Miami Sunday morning. Although his exact hotel will remain unknown (“If I told you I would have to kill you”), Samson shared the rest of his weekend plans. 

BUCKLE UP: On Friday and Saturday I will be in Las Vegas celebrating my sister’s birthday. And I will be in Miami on Sunday because I have to do a 21-mile training run on Sunday coming off a red eye Saturday night. And then I am taking my son to his baseball game. So this weekend will be one of 15 times in my life I have run 20 miles on no sleep. We’ll see how it goes. (My flight) gets in at 6:25am and I will home by 7:45am and I’ll be on the road by 8:30am and I’ll be done by 12:15. After the run, (my son) has a baseball game. I’m also going to see four movies this weekend. And then Sunday night there is a great chance of hospitalization due to exhaustion.

BIRTHDAY BONANZA! Here’s the rub: it’s Saturday night. So picture the scene of a Saturday night celebration, and then right to the airport, right to the Cinnabon stand, right to the airplane and then right to the run. And don’t forget how many times In-N-Out will be consumed in the course of two days.

HAVE IT YOUR WAY: It’s my sister’s birthday and it is totally up to her. She told me she would leave an itinerary in my hotel room of where I needed to be when and I promised her I would do it as long as it didn’t interfere with any training runs while I’m in Vegas. … So I’m going to do a six (mile run) Thursday in Miami, and then a nine Friday in Vegas, a seven Saturday in Vegas and a 21 Sunday back in Miami.

EARLY BIRD: I’m running starting at 4:30, 5:00 in the morning. I don’t recall the last time I slept past 6:15, that’s pretty late. I don’t sleep a lot. I get to bed around 1:00 or 2:00. I run five to six times a week, depending on if it’s an up week or a down week in the mileage.

SEE-FOOD DIET: Given that I’m 5’5,” 118 pounds I would say that I do my best to eat as much as I can, but training this much, it is hard to keep up.

PLAY BALL: I do not coach. I do not yell at the umpires. I do not assume that my son is a major leaguer to be. I sit there and enjoy watching him have fun. I go to every game I can.

LIGHTS, CAMERA, OSCAR: I’m going to see some Oscar-nominated movies because it’s Oscar time. So I would expect this weekend I would be seeing “The Artist,” I will see “Warrior;” NICK NOLTE nominated for supporting actor. I will see “Albert Nobbs,” which is a best actress for GLENN CLOSE and a best supporting actress for JANET MCTEER. And I can’t think of the fourth one that’s on my list. But anyway I’ve got until February 26, which is my favorite day of the year to get all the movies seen. I watch one movie a day every day. I actually review movies on the radio once a week with DAN LE BATARD.

ONLY THING CONSTANT IS CHANGE: For a guy with some aging OCD, that’s surprising but it’s true: No weekend is the same. When you’re in baseball, once the season starts it’s a much greater routine in terms of when games are because they’re every day.