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Hyundai Doubles Down On Super Bowl Ad Near Kickoff, Expands It To 60 Seconds

Hyundai Motor America VP/Marketing Steve Shannon said that the automaker “will run a 60-second ad just before kickoff” of Super Bowl XLVI on NBC, according to Brian Steinberg of AD AGE. Shannon noted that Hyundai has “run ads in that slot in the past few years, but none as long as 60 seconds.” Shannon also said the ad would be "anthemic." Steinberg noted the automaker will "also run two 30-second spots during the game, one in the first and one in the fourth quarter.” Shannon said that ads during the game “can get lost in the action of the event … but the pre-kick moment offers clarity and is thus worth a 60-second berth.” Hyundai has advertised in the Super Bowl “since 2008 but did not start buying pre-game inventory until 2009” (, 1/18).

Stamos will appear in Dannon's first Super
Bowl ad, promoting Oikos Greek yogurt

MAKING THEIR DEBUT: Dannon today announced actor John Stamos will appear in the company's first Super Bowl ad, which will promote Dannon Oikos Greek yogurt. The ad will run during the third quarter of the game and will also be released on the Dannon Oikos Facebook and YouTube pages as part of a fully-integrated marketing campaign (Dannon). Meanwhile, 2nd Story Software announced digital tax preparation company TaxACT will make its Super Bowl ad debut. Details of the spot's plot have not been disclosed, but 2nd Story Software is launching a marketing campaign through the Internet, e-mail and social media channels (TaxACT). In N.Y., Stuart Elliott notes there will be "more first-time sponsors than usual” during the Super Bowl, and many are “emulating the veteran advertisers in developing elaborate plans to capitalize on their spots in the game.” Other Super Bowl novices “are flying solo, gambling that the potential return on investing in a spot will outweigh the danger of flopping.” Dannon Senior VP/Marketing & CMO Sergio Fuster said, “We’re going to have a massive social media and public relations campaign.” In addition to Dannon's use of Stamos, Century 21 is “sprinkling stardust on its spot.” Donald Trump, Pro Football HOFer Deion Sanders and Gold Medal-winning U.S. speedskater Apolo Ohno will appear in the realtor's 30-second spot that will “run in the third quarter.” Meanwhile, veteran Super Bowl advertiser E*Trade plans to “take the popular campaign featuring the E*Trade baby ... in a new direction.” This year’s commercial “will depict the character interacting with people for whom an important life event -- the birth of a child -- spurs them to think about investing” (N.Y. TIMES, 1/19).