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What's Up For The Weekend With Bloomberg Sports GM Bill Squadron

Ever wonder how executives in sports business spend their weekends? THE DAILY this week continues "What's Up For The Weekend," providing readers with an inside look at people in our industry. This week, we catch up with Bloomberg Sports GM BILL SQUADRON, who chatted with Staff Writer Theresa Manahan.

Q: What are your plans for this weekend?
Squadron: This weekend will be work as we will join forces with Strat-O-Matic on their 50th anniversary event and then host a media and blogger event at Bloomberg to kick off our fantasy product, which goes on sale next week. Then Sunday, my usual dose of playing hoops in the morning and coaching my kids in the afternoon.

Q: What are you really looking forward to this weekend? Anything special planned?
Squadron: Getting the immediate feedback from a roomful of experts Saturday will be more than enough, but it's a great time for Bloomberg in sports so I can't complain.

Q: What do you like to watch and read on the weekend?
Squadron: Lots of hoops -- college, high school and the NBA -- and the Sunday morning talk shows since I have a passion for politics as well.

Q: What workout routines or activities do you like to do on the weekend?
Squadron: I play pickup basketball every Sunday for the past 13 years at our local school. Same faces every week, lots of fun.

Q: The thing that our readers would be most surprised you love to do on your weekends is…
Squadron: I take more pride in coaching my son's hoops team than anything else I do.

Q: Best weekend ever?
Squadron: Easy one. Sept. 27, 1998. Sportvision unveiled the yellow first down line for the first time during the Ravens-Bengals game. It helped change the viewing habits of sports forever.

Q: Favorite weekend getaway?
Squadron: Captiva Island, Fla.

Q: Guilty weekend pleasure?
Squadron: Lots of ice cream.

Q: Favorite local restaurant?
Squadron: Piper Kilt and their amazing burgers, Eastchester, New York.

Q: Do you have any routine weekend chores?
Squadron: Lots of shoveling the show and scraping ice unfortunately the last few months.

Q: What is your favorite local nightlife activity?
Squadron: Not a nightlife guy. ... Love movies and the theater on occasion.

Q: Must see weekend game?
Squadron: Friday night is Lakers-Knicks and we are longtime season-ticket holders. However, this Friday we will pass on KOBE because we have the Scarsdale-Byram Hills High School game and my son ALEX plays for Scarsdale.

Q: Favorite Super Bowl commercial?
Squadron: The E*Trade baby, but the Doritos "Resurrection" commercial was a close second.