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Volume 24 No. 117
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          CBS' final round coverage of the PGA Championship
     earned a 7.7/18 overnight Nielsen rating, up 26% over last
     year's 6.1/14.  The event earned a two-day average of a
     6.2/16, up 13% over last year's 5.5/14 (CBS).  
          SI, SERGIO! USA TODAY's Christine Brennan notes that
     Sergio Garcia become the crowd-favorite at the PGA
     Championship yesterday and wonders if Tiger Woods' position
     in the play-for-pay Ryder Cup debate had an "impact" on his
     following (USA TODAY, 8/16).  After yesterday's win, Woods
     complained of being heckled during the last few holes.  In
     Toronto, Dave Perkins writes that the crowd at Medinah
     "seemed to switch allegiance [yesterday], heckling Woods at
     times and rooting on Garcia."  Woods: "People said some
     things they shouldn't have said and I couldn't show any
     emotion" (TORONTO STAR, 8/16).  Woods: "Obviously they were
     rooting for Sergio, as well they should.  But to be as tough
     as they were ... I didn't think that was fair" (CHICAGO
     TRIBUNE, 8/16).  In Chicago, Mark Skertic writes that Woods
     "remains popular, but a rival for golf's affections emerged
     Sunday" (CHICAGO SUN-TIMES, 8/16).  In St. Petersburg, Bob
     Harig writes that Garcia "became a huge crowd favorite" (ST.
     PETERSBURG TIMES, 8/16). In Boston, Karen Guregian writes
     that the fans who pulled for Garcia "aren't anti-American,"
     but are "just anti-Tiger at the moment.  And it's hard to
     blame them after listening to the ridiculous pro-
     compensation stand he's been backing with regard to
     competing in the Ryder Cup" (BOSTON HERALD, 8/16).  In
     Chicago, Jay Mariotti writes that Woods "wasn't nearly as
     popular as an animated, fun-loving" Garcia.  Mariotti:
     "Woods is a corporation who has been overexposed and
     overcommercialized and did himself no favors in the Ryder
     Cup money allocation debate" (CHICAGO SUN-TIMES, 8/16). 
     Also in Chicago, Skip Bayless: "Woods' millions of fans have
     made him the world's wealthiest athlete, yet nearly every
     day he reprimands fans or media or something that disturbs
     his golden-child concentration" (CHICAGO TRIBUNE, 8/16).  In
     Ottawa, Don Brennan, on Woods: "Your act is starting to make
     a lot of us cheer against you.  Lose the arrogance and
     phoniness.  Just be like Mike" (OTTAWA SUN, 8/16).