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Volume 24 No. 160
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          ISL has met with SEC Commissioner Roy Kramer several
     times in the past six months "to pitch its plan for a" 16-
     team, $375M college football playoff to launch in 2003,
     according to Steve Kirk of the BIRMINGHAM NEWS.  But Kramer,
     who also coordinates the Bowl Championship Series (BCS), is
     not sold on the idea yet: "I'm not here to say there will
     never be a college football playoff, but I don't believe it
     will be run by someone in Switzerland."  While the current
     bowl system "distributes" around $140M each year, ISL has
     offered the NCAA more than $2.4B over eight years for the
     right to set up a playoff system.  However, Kramer "is most
     willing to list many reasons why he believes [a playoff]
     won't work."  One is that the contract between the Big Ten
     and Pac 10 with the Rose Bowl continues for three years
     after the BCS plan expires in 2002, creating a "six-year
     window that it can't happen."  Kramer: "You've got to have
     Ohio State and Michigan in the mix.  You can't go sell it
     without them."  Kramer also pointed out that college
     presidents don't want to "sell college football" to the
     firm.  Finally, there is the issue of timing, as ISL's
     proposal calls for eight first-round games to be played on
     college campuses during weekends during the NFL season. 
     Kramer: "I've done my share of TV negotiating, and we're
     talking about going head-to-head with (the NFL)?"  To
     counter movement toward a playoff, the BCS will unveil a
     promo campaign around all bowls this season, including TV/
     radio and football programs ads (BIRMINGHAM NEWS, 6/20).