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Volume 24 No. 117
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          NBC Sports announcer Bob Costas was a guest on "Larry
     King Live" Saturday, and told King that as far as cable
     outlets go, HBO "is a place where I think every broadcaster
     or performer would like to be, because they do stuff of just
     incredibly high quality."  On HBO's "Real Sports" program:
     "I think everyone with journalistic bent in sports would
     love to be a part of that program."  King asked Costas his
     thoughts on the state of sports broadcasting today and if
     anchors tried to be too funny.  Costas: "Sports doesn't have
     to be somber. ... I used to be referred to ... as
     'irreverent.'  I think the reason for that was that I was
     willing, occasionally, to jab at the prevailing tone, to
     counterpunch.  Well, how do you counterpunch if the whole
     tone is one of frat house frivolity?"  Costas: "When I watch
     ESPN or CNN, I see a lot of talented and likable men and
     women on the air.  But you can overplay any hand."  On the
     injections of humor: "I just wish that it was the spice
     instead of the main course. ... What I do think is done too
     much is these 30 or 45 second lead-ins to the Cavalier-Pacer
     highlights, which is just an excuse for a guy to do his
     sixth rate stand-up act, even though he's sitting down."  On
     Fox: "I don't even understand 'same game, Fox attitude.'  Am
     I supposed to think I didn't like baseball until the Fox
     attitude came on?  I don't get it" ("Larry King Live," 5/8).