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Volume 24 No. 112
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          NHL LOCKER ROOM RIGHTS: In the "wake of Starter's
     bankruptcy filing," the NHL has "reassigned" the Stanley Cup
     locker room merchandise licensing rights to Pro Player for
     T-shirts and to New Era for caps (BRANDWEEK, 5/10 issue). 
     The SPORTSBUSINESS JOURNAL's Andy Bernstein puts the value
     of the locker room rights between $3-10M, "depending on
     which team wins" the Cup (SPORTSBUSINESS JOURNAL, 5/10
     issue)....Sabres G Dominik Hasek has started a sportswear
     company called "Dominator" in the Czech Republic, and "plans
     outposts" for the U.S. and Canada.  Hasek: "Already I'm on
     the phone to Prague almost every day talking about the
     business, about quotas and things" (N.Y. TIMES, 5/9).
          FROM MANCHESTER TO ORANGE COUNTY: Manchester United
     will open a chain of amusement parks called "Theater of
     Dreams" in the Far East.  The United plans to open parks in
     Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand and China (LONDON
     TIMES, 5/7)....In N.Y., Alec Foege wrote that the NASCAR
     concert tour, "NASCAR Rocks," was helped developed by John
     Schreiber and his ad agency, John Schreiber Group.  CBS
     Sports Senior VP Keith Ritter: "Other people got focused on
     the idea that we were doing Nascar Rocks simply as a concert
     series.  John immediately understood that we wanted a really
     cool entertainment experience, but that it also had to serve
     a broader marketing goal" (N.Y. TIMES, 5/9)....Oakley Sports
     Marketing Manager Bruce Fraser, after supplying Heat C
     Alonzo Mourning with protective eyewear: "We spent a lot of
     time and money helping him out.  He said everything was
     great with the glasses.  He definitely feels some loyalty to
     us now" (ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER, 5/8).
          SURFING: CA-based Ocean Pacific Apparel Corp. has
     officially ended its 17-year sponsorship of the two-week
     beach festival in Huntington Beach, CA.  CA-based apparel
     company Gotcha Int'l will pay $600,000 for title rights to
     the event (ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER, 5/6).  In San Diego, Erik
     Bratt wrote that in addition to "appealing to men," surfing
     "has gained tremendous popularity with women."  Wholesale
     sales to surf shops and specialty stores increased an
     "estimated" 12% in '97, to $1.68B (UNION-TRIBUNE, 5/9).