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Volume 24 No. 154
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          Since Heisman Trophy winner RICKY WILLIAMS joined PERCY
     "MASTER P" MILLER's NO LIMIT SPORTS, "rumors of Williams's
     alleged moral decline have been spreading rapidly,"
     according to Paul Domowitch of the PHILADELPHIA DAILY NEWS. 
     Last week, Austin-based sports agent ED CUNNINGHAM sent
     Sandy Williams an e-mail "warning her that her son's
     association with Master P was hurting his draft status." 
     From the e-mail: "Because of some bad decisions made by him
     and his advisers, he has slipped to the third slot in the
     draft.  If he continues his course, he will do no better
     than fifth."  Cunningham said that the e-mail was his
     attempt to "help Williams and his mother before it's too
     late."  But Domowitch writes that there doesn't appear to be
     any evidence that Williams' association with Master P is
     hurting his draft stock.  Sandy Williams: "For people to say
     he's dropping because he's with P is so ludicrous.  People
     think P is going to be sitting on the other side of the
     table negotiating.  That's nonsense. ... He has a good
     staff."  Execs for ISI, which handle Williams' marketing,
     "don't expect" the association "to impact negatively on his
     endorsement opportunities."  ISI Dir of Athlete Services
     JAMEY CRIMMINS: "I'm sure some conservative companies, their
     eyebrows went up (when he signed with No Limit), but once
     you get beyond that, he's still Ricky Williams."  Agent BRAD
     BLANK: "In a certain culture, Master P is God, but I've
     never heard of him in my culture until a few weeks ago.  And
     the people who advertise in the NFL ... are not necessarily
     in the rap crowd" (PHILADELPHIA DAILY NEWS, 3/19).