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Volume 24 No. 156

Sports Industrialists

          Former NASCAR VP/Strategic Marketing STEVE SCHIFFMAN
     was named Exec VP/Marketing for The Weather Channel.  ALEX
     GOMEZ was named Dir of Promotions for Foot Locker World Wide
     N.Y.  Gomez held a similar position with Fox Sports (Terry
     Lefton, BRANDWEEK, 1/18 issue)....Alpha One Marketing Group
     Founder and President DICK GARN was named President of Event
     Central, a new computer information technology division of
     MI-based GM EventWorks.  Garn was also named Exec VP of
     Kaleidoscope Sports & Entertainment.  Replacing Garn in MI
     is STEVE NORBUT, who was named VP of Kaleidoscope Sports and
     Exec VP of GM EventWorks, a division of Kaleidoscope (GM
     EventWorks)....Former Women's Sports & Fitness EIC DAGNY
     SCOTT was named editor of Women Outside, a brand extension
     of Outside magazine (MEDIAWEEK, 1/18 issue).

          LEONARDO DICAPRIO was sporting a Lakers home jersey in
     a REUTERS photo that showed him on the site of his new film
     in Southern Thailand (USA TODAY, 1/18)...."VARSITY BLUES,"
     the first motion picture produced by MARQUEE TOLLIN/ROBBINS
     -- a division of The Marquee Group -- was the number one
     box-office draw over the three-day weekend, with an
     estimated gross of $14.8M (THE DAILY)....Red Wings C SERGEI
     FEDOROV reiterated that he and ANNA KOURNIKOVA are just
     "friends," and said his leaving IMG for Advantage Int'l had
     nothing to do with her similar move.  Fedorov, on IMG: "I
     didn't like the feeling of limbo -- I want my feet on the
     ground, you know?  I just want to know where I'm coming from
     with (my) company" (DETROIT NEWS, 1/19)....Twins Owner CARL
     POHLAD's wife, ELOISE, "is recovering after having knee-
     replacement surgery" on both legs at MN's Mayo Clinic
     (Minneapolis STAR TRIBUNE, 1/17)....Winston Cup team Owner
     RICK HENDRICK talked to the media Friday for the first time
     since his sentencing for mail fraud more than a year ago. 
     In Greensboro, Dustin Long wrote that Hendrick, who is also
     battling leukemia, looked "strong" (NEWS & RECORD, 1/16). 

          SAMMY SOSA will be the guest of PRESIDENT CLINTON
     during tonight's State of the Union address, according to
     King & Orin of the N.Y. POST.  Sosa was flying in from the
     Dominican Republic and will "probably" sit with First Lady
     HILLARY CLINTON (N.Y. TIMES, 1/19).  Meanwhile, Ira Berkow
     reports that Sosa was a "no-show" at the Congress of Racial
     Equality (CORE) dinner last night in N.Y. at which he was to
     be honored.  CORE's Gen. Counsel MEL SACHS said that Sosa's
     appearance had been "confirmed three times but then 'they
     kept making more and more demands.'"  Sosa's agent ADAM KATZ
     called the statements a "distortion" (N.Y. TIMES, 1/19).