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Volume 24 No. 159
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          NEWSWEEK's cover-story features Michael Jordan under
     the header, "The Michael Jordan We Never Knew."  Samuels &
     Leland report that Jordan "plans to launch a music label
     later this year" with the brother of Nike Marketing Dir Fred
     Whitfield, and "he's talking about" making another film.  
     Nike Dir of the Jordan Brand Erin Patton said that Jordan
     "will probably become more active" in social causes
     (NEWSWEEK, 1/18 issue).  Jeff Ballinger, head of Press For A
     Change, a workers' rights group, said Jordan should fulfill
     his intention to visit Nike-contracted factories in Asia:
     "With the NBA lockout, he kind of got off the hook because
     his own career was up in the air.  He's got plenty of time
     now" (N.Y. DAILY NEWS,  1/18).  In N.Y., Ira Berkow suggests
     Jordan become more socially active: "If [Jordan] isn't
     playing basketball, he should have enough time to read up on
     issues.  And there are a few people in the world who might
     have the influence Jordan does" (N.Y. TIMES, 1/17).
          MJ IN 2000: In Baltimore, Andy Knobel wrote that a
     Draft Michael Jordan for President Web site, paid for by
     "MJ2000," would be "among the best pieces of parody going on
     the Internet.  Except it's serious" (Baltimore SUN, 1/17).
          JORDAN TEAMS ON A'S SALE? In Chicago, Fred Mitchell
     wrote that the "latest Michael Jordan rumor has him joining
     forces" with ESPN/NBC MLB analyst Joe Morgan in possibly
     "purchasing" the A's and Warriors (CHICAGO TRIBUNE, 1/18).
     ...In N.Y., Adam Buckman wrote that the 60-second Nike ad
     which pays tribute to Jordan was "completed months ago as
     rumors persisted" that he would retire.  Buckman called the
     spot a "work of commercial art" (N.Y. POST, 1/18)....REUTERS
     reported that news of Jordan's retirement "was splashed
     across the front page of China's top newspapers and sparked
     a scramble" for Jordan merchandise (REUTERS, 1/15)....The
     N.Y. TIMES reported that sales of Jordan merchandise at
     Michael Jordan's Steakhouse in N.Y. "tripled," to about
     $4,000 a day from $1,400, after the announcement (N.Y.
     TIMES, 1/17)....In N.Y., Michiko Kakutani reviews David
     Halberstam's "Playing For Keeps: Michael Jordan and the
     World He Made."  Kakutani: "Much of the volume is a
     compendium of compelling but familiar stories fleshed out
     with new reporting --  the volume is animated by the
     author's own passion for the game" (N.Y. TIMES, 1/19).