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Volume 24 No. 136
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          Finance Minister Bernard Landry "shot down a new
     proposal" to finance a downtown Montreal ballpark for the
     Expos with government-guaranteed bonds that would be repaid
     out of taxes on players' salaries, according to Clark &
     Gyulai of the Montreal GAZETTE.  The Quebec government has
     said repeatedly that "it will not guarantee debt racked up
     to build a new stadium," and Landry said yesterday that it
     "has no intention of changing that refusal."  Landry: "A
     guarantee is a guarantee.  And if you sign somewhere, it
     means that ultimately you could have to pay.  I think that
     the figures are not there.  Mathematically, I think it's
     nonsense."  The Expos have set September 30 as the deadline
     for coming up with a financing plan for a new stadium.  Team
     President Claude Brochu has warned that the team "may be
     sold if the stadium plan does not come together by the
     deadline" (Clark & Gyulai, Montreal GAZETTE, 9/17).  
          HOME FINALE: The Expos drew 13,540 for last night's
     home finale, bringing the season total to 914,909 -- the
     third-lowest total in team history.  The Expos drew 908,292
     in '75 and 646,704 in '76, the team's last season at Jarry
     Park (AP/, 9/17).  In Montreal, Jack Todd writes
     that at the home final, which was "perhaps the final home
     game in their 30-year history in Montreal -- the sharks were
     already circling" (Montreal GAZETTE, 9/17).
          WAITING FOR BROCHU: Beaver Sports' Don Beaver, who
     "wants to bring big league baseball to Charlotte, will have
     to wait a while" to see what happens with the Expos.  The
     Expos "won't seek permission to talk to potential buyers
     until after" the September 30 deadline.  Expos spokesperson
     Sina Gabrielli: "It all just depends what happens September
     30" (Foon Rhee, CHARLOTTE OBSERVER, 9/17).