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Volume 24 No. 117


          The USOC will celebrate the 20th anniversary of its
     Colorado headquarters on Friday, and Michael Hiestand
     examines the role and budget of the Olympic committee in USA
     TODAY's "In Focus" section.  He writes that with annual
     revenues of about $107M, the USOC is "bigger than nearly all
     major league teams," and that about 79% of all USOC revenues
     "arguably support athletes." The USOC's administration costs
     are about 7% of its budget, about half the level of a decade
     ago, and "direct support" of athletes has increased from 1%
     to 11%.  The USOC has put aside an extra $18M to train elite
     athletes for the 2002 Games and $8M for the 2000 Games. 
     While individual contributions account for about 10% of
     revenues, the USOC expects to sign about 17 top sponsors for
     the 2002 Winter Games in Salt Lake City, whose eight-year
     deals "will total more than" $800M.  The USOC's "quadrennium
     budget" has grown from $55M in '77-80 to its current $429M. 
     Hiestand adds that while USOC President Bill Hybl and the
     Exec Committee are unpaid, '96 reports showed that USOC Dir
     Dick Schultz made $506,000 while USOC Deputy Secretary
     General John Krimsky made $389,000 (USA TODAY, 8/13).