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Volume 24 No. 116
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          Maple Leaf Gardens Chair Steve Stavro "denied in a rare
     interview yesterday that the hockey club plans to bid" for
     the Blue Jays in an effort to bring Toronto's four main pro
     teams "under the same umbrella," according to Geoff Baker of
     the TORONTO STAR.  Stavro: "I have no interest in it because
     we have enough on our plate."  MLG already controls the
     Leafs and Raptors and is finalizing construction on the new
     Air Canada Centre.  More Stavro: "I have respect for the
     sport of baseball, just no interest in the game itself"
     (TORONTO STAR, 8/13).  In Toronto, Robert MacLeod reports
     that one source close to MLG said that rather than purchase
     the Blue Jays outright, the Gardens is more interested in a
     scenario in the which the Blue Jays and its current
     ownership would join the Leafs and Raptors "under one
     umbrella organization" (Toronto GLOBE & MAIL, 8/13).
          EXPLORATORY TALKS TOOK PLACE: While Blue Jays Chair Sam
     Pollock says the sale of the team is not imminent, "initial
     discussions with a prospective purchaser did take place
     three months ago," according to a report in the OTTAWA SUN. 
     In May, members of a group interested in buying the Jays
     flew to N.Y. to meet reps of Interbrew SA, which owns the
     team.  Pollock: "There's nothing on the table today.  But I
     can't answer about the future" (OTTAWA SUN, 8/13).