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          The "people most interested" in giving Marv Albert an
     opportunity to return to national TV "are those at Turner
     Sports," according to Phil Mushnick of the N.Y. POST. 
     Mushnick writes that "in the coming weeks," Turner Sports
     execs "will closely monitor public and advertiser response"
     to Albert's return to MSG.  Mushnick: "If the negative
     reactions blow over -- and they should -- and if Albert
     stays clean, expect him to be named TNT's lead NBA voice
     early this fall" (Phil Mushnick, N.Y. POST, 7/17).
          CHECKETTS TALKS STRAIGHT? In N.Y., Mark Kriegel writes
     that the "single moment of high candor" at the MSG press
     conference announcing Albert's return was when MSG President
     Dave Checketts admitted that Albert's presence may boost
     ratings and said, "I won't deny we made a business decision,
     too" (N.Y. DAILY NEWS, 7/17).  Phil Mushnick writes that
     Checketts' candor "wins our admiration" (N.Y. POST, 7/17). 
     In Milwaukee, Michael Bauman gives Checketts "points for
     honesty, although no points for anything else" (JOURNAL
     SENTINEL, 7/17).  But in Hartford, Jeff Goldberg writes that
     if MSG brought Albert back for ratings, "then MSG is clearly
     sending the wrong message" (HARTFORD COURANT, 7/17).
          MORE REAX: In Denver, Bob Kravitz offers a point/
     counterpoint on Albert's return, and writes that Albert has
     "every right to return to work, and [MSG] has every right to
     employ him" (DENVER POST, 7/17).  In L.A., Tom Hoffarth
     writes that MSG "was right to take him back" (L.A. DAILY
     NEWS, 7/17).  In Milwaukee, Bob Wolfley: "The lesson of the
     Marv Albert case?  If you are a celebrity in the field of
     sports, have talent, have at least one powerful friend and
     you screw up, don't worry.  You'll get another chance"
     (MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL, 7/17).  In L.A., Larry Stewart
     writes that Albert's "stock went up during the NBA
     playoffs," as NBC's Bob Costas "didn't make viewers forget
     Albert."  Stewart: "He deserves another chance, and starting
     out on a local basis in New York seems the way to go" (L.A.
     TIMES, 7/17).  In San Antonio, Kevin O'Keefe writes under
     the header "Albert Hiring Another Affront To Women"
     (EXPRESS-NEWS, 7/17).  In N.J., Adrian Wojnarowski: "Thirty
     years of sparkling work as a New York sportscaster should
     give him the right to a second chance here."  But he added,
     "The national networks aren't going to touch him" (RECORD,
     7/16).  TV Guide's Greg Fagan, on Albert's reputation: "His
     name has been dragged through the mud, but a lot of people's
     names have been dragged through the mud in this modern media
     environment.  I think that he'll have to face that music
     every night every time he goes on" ("Extra," 7/16).