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Volume 24 No. 157
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          JOHN MCENROE was a guest on The "Late Show" with DAVID
     LETTERMAN last night.  McEnroe, on how tennis has changed
     since his playing days: "I think people could relate to me
     and say, CONNORS, NASTASE, GONZALEZ in the sixties, more
     because we showed our emotions.  They could see that it's a
     very difficult game.  We'd get pissed off -- I hope you can
     say that on CBS..."  Letterman: "Oh, yeah.  CBS is the only
     place you can say that, by the way.  See, nobody's
     watching."  McEnroe: "Well, no one's watching tennis either. 
     So we're all right there.  But as time went on and the money
     got so much more it seems like the players became less
     personalities, more robotic and more boring.  And frankly,
     something needs to be done or we should put some long pants
     on these guys again."  Letterman: "You do a great job on the
     tennis commentary.  It's nice to have somebody with brains
     shooting their mouth off."  McEnroe: "The fact that I was
     out there, hopefully people will respect the fact that I may
     possibly know what's going on.  Not like these bozos that
     come out there and pretend like they know what's going on. 
     I'm not going to mention names because I have to work with
     these people."  McEnroe, on JIMMY CONNORS: "He sort of
     reminds me of [JAY] LENO, you know?  You gotta respect him,
     but to hell with him.  He's a jerk."  Letterman: "I didn't
     know Leno played."  Letterman showed some video from
     Sunday's McEnroe-Connors "Challenge" match and asked McEnroe
     what the Senior Tour was called.  McEnroe: "It's the Nuveen
     Tour.  And anyone else that's willing to do it, we're more
     than welcome to have more sponsors" ("Late Show," 6/23).