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Volume 24 No. 219


          The USOC, "hoping to avoid mistakes that plagued
     Atlanta's Games," has formally offered the part-time
     services of four senior USOC staff members to SLOC in
     preparing for the 2002 Winter Olympics, according to Mike
     Gorrell of the SALT LAKE TRIBUNE.  USOC Exec Dir Dick
     Schultz formed a Support Task Force/Information Team "to
     restore American credibility by helping ensure the 2002
     Games proceed smoothly," after "breakdowns in several areas
     made the 1996 Summer Games an example of not how to run the
     Olympics."  The task force consists of Jim Page, Assistant
     Exec Dir of Sports; Mike Moran, Assistant Exec Dir of Media;
     Greg Harney, Senior Dir of Int'l Games' Preparations; and
     Alfredo La Mont, Senior Dir of Int'l Relations & Protocol.
     Shultz  offered "other operational staff" to be employed to
     SLOC after the 2000 Summer Games (S.L. TRIBUNE, 6/20).      
          PENNY PITCHING: Penny Hardaway, Tiger Woods, Arnold
     Palmer and Ken Griffey Jr. could be among those asked to
     serve on a regional board looking to bring the 2012 Summer
     Olympics to Tampa Bay/Orlando (ORLANDO SENTINEL, 6/23).