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Volume 24 No. 116
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          U.S. OPEN: NBC kicks off 16 hours of U.S. Open coverage
     from 3:00-5:00pm ET today, with two more hours tomorrow. 
     NBC has six hours of coverage on both Saturday and Sunday
     (Baltimore SUN, 6/18). In Boston, Howard Manly reports that
     Casey Martin "will command at least initial face-time from
     NBC" at the Open.  NBC analyst Roger Maltbie: "We'll
     definitely be covering Casey's opening tee shot today.  We
     feel it's a special occasion.  It's newsworthy and we want
     the viewing public to see it" (BOSTON GLOBE, 6/18).
          OTHER NOTES: In Baltimore, Milton Kent notes reports of
     CBS possibly airing a barnstorming tour of locked-out NBA
     players, and writes, "The prospect is delicious with irony." 
     After passing on the NFL, NBC officials "have been casting
     public and private doubts about CBS' ability to make money"
     on the deal, "while hinting at starting a new football
     league that might have NBA backing."  Now, CBS "may take the
     NBA players that NBC has made into stars and show them at a
     dramatically reduced cost, while NBC, which is obligated to
     pay the NBA even during a lockout, stews on the sideline"
     (Baltimore SUN, 6/18)....In Chicago, Fred Mitchell notes
     talk that ESPN's Bonnie Bernstein is "leaving" to join CBS
     Sports "to become the main reporter for NFL Today" (CHICAGO
     TRIBUNE, 6/18)....TBS announced plans to construct a $52M
     production facility on its Techwood Campus and to renovate
     its CNN Center, both in Atlanta (DAILY VARIETY, 6/18).