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          Nike is not an official sponsor of the World Cup but
     "it has become a billion-dollar gate-crasher," using its
     "inimitable formula of team sponsorships, player
     endorsements and sports parks to plant its swoosh logo all
     over the month-long, 64-match tournament," according to
     Thomas Heath of the WASHINGTON POST.  Nike spokesperson Dave
     Mingey: "This is the world's most popular sporting event, so
     it's very important for us to be here.  I would not say we
     are attempting to ambush anything here in France.  Our main
     goal in soccer ... is to grow the sport."  In Paris, Heath
     writes that Nike is promoting its ties to multiple national
     teams and to Brazilian star Ronaldo.  ISL Football Dir Glen
     Kirton, who monitors the use of marks and logos for FIFA,
     said, "I certainly can express concern about Nike's
     advertisements.  Some companies (who are not official
     sponsors) are trying to catch some of the kudos from the
     World Cup.  Nike is one of those" (WASHINGTON POST, 6/17).