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          Larry and Charles Dolan "have raised the stakes in
     their bid to become the next owner of the Browns" by
     bringing Don Shula into their ownership group, according to
     Terry Pluto of the AKRON BEACON JOURNAL.  Shula was born and
     raised in OH and the Dolans will introduce him at a press
     conference today as an Exec VP in their proposed
     organization.  Pluto writes that Shula "is a big name and
     known commodity to NFL owners," and with him on board, "the
     Dolans believe their seemingly already strong group is even
     more attractive to the league" (AKRON BEACON JOURNAL, 6/16). 
     In Cleveland, Tony Grossi reports that Shula "might ...
     invest nominally in ownership.  But his value to the Dolan
     effort is priceless."  Grossi: "Shula's universal acceptance
     by NFL owners makes it increasingly difficult for them to
     deny the Dolans' bid."  Bengals Owner Mike Brown: "He's a
     significant plus for the Dolans" (Cleveland PLAIN DEALER,
     6/16).  In Miami, Kevin Ding reports that Shula would become
     a 5% owner in the Dolan group (MIAMI HERALD, 6/16).
          MORE BROWNS NEWS: In Cleveland, Tony Grossi reported
     that Browns ownership applicants Thomas Murdough and Bart
     Wolstein "were less than amused" when they read that Howard
     Milstein termed the expansion team ownership derby "a two-
     horse race" between he and the Dolan brothers.  Wolstein:
     "We don't need a New Yorker running our team."  Ownership
     candidates will have to send a check for $150,000 to the NFL
     this week to receive material on the stadium lease and
     revenue sharing projection information (PLAIN DEALER, 6/14). 
     Bernie Kosar, who has been approached by Murdough and the
     Dolans about joining their ownership bids, has "serious
     questions about whether there is enough time to build a
     viable NFL franchise" by '99.  Kosar: "I'm concerned about
     the timeline of it.  It's a tight timeline to get ready to
     play in '99" (Carter Gaddis, TAMPA TRIBUNE, 6/14).