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Volume 24 No. 157

Sports Industrialists

          Fox Sports Bay Area VP/Programming LARRY MEYERS moves
     to Fox Sports West, where he will be the Network
     Coordinating Producer (S.F. CHRONICLE, 5/15)....DAVE
     NEUBECKER was named Exec Dir of Marketing for Fox Sports
     Interactive.  Neubecker was Dir of Promotions at EA Sports
     and worked in brand marketing at Disney's Buena vista Home
     Video (AD AGE, 5/15)....RAMIE EGAN has joined the staff at
     P.S. StarGames.  Egan, who formerly worked at Woolf
     Associates, will concentrate primarily on sponsorship sales
     as well as athlete endorsements (P.S. StarGames).
     ..JumboSports has moved its team sales division to a new
     unnamed and wholly-owned subsidiary led by former Senior
     VP/CMO CLIFF EPSTEIN.  Former Herman's Sports exec JERRY
     MATTHEWS was named Senior VP/General Merchandising Manager
     for Apparel, Golf and Tennis.  VP/General Merchandising
     Manager RON HENNEKE will oversee other equipment products
     (TAMPA TRIBUNE, 5/14)....MIKE KOPP was named GM of the ABL's
     Nashville franchise.  Kopp was a former coordinator of
     corporate sales for the new NFL Oilers stadium (ABL).
     ...MERLE MARTING was named Marketing Dir at Nike Golf....MI-
     based sports, entertainment & facility management firm
     Olympia Entertainment promoted BILL LEE from Dir of
     Marketing to Senior Dir of Marketing (BRANDWEEK, 5/11).

          Packers QB BRETT FAVRE has retained WI-based attorney 
     GERALD BOYLE to "weigh possible litigation" against MN-based
     radio station KQRS, which pulled a "radio prank" on him last
     December (ST. PAUL PIONEER PLANET, 5/15)....In Chicago, Fred
     Mitchell reports that "plans are in the works for a book and
     a movie" about the life of HARRY CARAY (CHICAGO TRIBUNE,
     5/15)....THE BASKETBALL HALL OF FAME holds its annual Awards
     Day tomorrow in Springfield, MA (Hall of Fame)....Red Sox 3B
     TIM NAEHRING pitched a plan to Acting MA Gov. PAUL CELLUCCI
     to build a miniature Fenway Park on state land in Quincy,
     MA.  The nonprofit, 2,500-seat ballpark would be used by
     Little Leaguers and softball teams.  Naehring's personal
     charitable foundation is seeking about $2M in corporate
     donations to finance construction of the replica (BOSTON
     the Yankees Owner gave his testimony against the "New York
     Four" in last night's "Seinfeld" finale: "How could you give
     12 million dollars to HIDEKI IRABU?!" (NBC, 5/14)....TARA
     LIPINSKI was on "Late Show" last night.  DAVID LETTERMAN, on
     Lipinski turning pro: "[Y]ou're making huge money.  Big
     dough, am I right?"  Lipinski: "I guess.  You know when
     you're skating you don't think about the money, you just go
     out, and the first place you went out there was to have
     fun."  Letterman: "I want to tell you something.  When I'm
     skating, all I think about is money" ("Late Show," 5/14).