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Volume 24 No. 160
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          Last Friday was the "final date" for early renewal of
     more than 200 suites at the United Center which would "take
     advantage of an estimated $15,000 discount," according to
     Sam Smith of the CHICAGO TRIBUNE.  Early renewal means a
     suite at mid-level, near center-court, would cost $184,000
     per year starting for the '99 season.  The cost would be
     increased to $202,000 per year if not renewed until after
     April 22.  But there has "been some concern expressed among
     suite-holders" over the quality of the product they would be
     paying for, especially if Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen
     leave the Bulls.  Smith writes that suite-holders would be
     more willing to renew if they were guaranteed they would be
     seeing Jordan's final year and "that's why many ... are
     waiting to see what happens."   Smith: "The Bulls say they
     have had excellent response and even a majority of renewals,
     but several suite-holders contacted say they know of few
     suite-holders who already have renewed."  One corporate
     exec: "We want to see who's going to be on the team."  Smith
     writes, "That's why there could be consideration of offering
     Jordan and Pippen two-year contracts.  That would guarantee
     both would be with the Bulls in the 1999-2000 season, which
     would be the first in the new lease period for at least 200
     suite-holders" (Sam Smith, CHICAGO TRIBUNE, 4/28).