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Volume 24 No. 159


          SLOC has secured 60% of the money projected to come
     from corporate sponsors for the 2002 Winter Olympics,
     according to Mike Gorrell of the SALT LAKE TRIBUNE.  SLOC
     Senior VP/Law & Marketing Kelly Flint: "We shouldn't come
     out over (expectations), but we are on schedule."  A 60%
     share would be close to $150M of the $250M anticipated from
     national-level sponsorships.  SLOC "is also counting on"
     $45M from worldwide sponsorships arranged by the IOC.  USOC
     Deputy Secretary General John Krimsky said that OPUS has
     secured commitments for $548M worth of cash and value-in-
     kind donations of equipment and supplies -- two-thirds of
     the $806M expected from national sponsors and suppliers. 
     Krimsky also said that six companies have signed on as
     "benchmark" sponsors, at an average of $58M each, and seven
     basic sponsorships have been sold, at $27M on average.  The
     goal is 12 basic sponsors (SALT LAKE TRIBUNE, 4/11).