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Volume 24 No. 157

Leagues Governing Bodies

          NBA Commissioner David Stern denied the Knicks' protest
     of last Sunday's game against the Heat, although he "agreed
     that the call by the official Bob Delaney that disallowed
     Allan Houston's game-winning shot ... was wrong."  Stern
     ruled that the error was "one of judgement, not a
     misapplication of the rules" (N.Y. TIMES, 4/15)....USA
     Hockey Exec Dir Dave Ogrean said it is "too early to tell
     what impact there might be from sponsors or donors" as a
     result of the U.S. men's hockey team's actions in Nagano. 
     Ogrean added that all sponsors were signed up for deals of
     2-7 years and "[n]o one has tried to bail out," but admitted
     that the team's actions "might affect" how sponsors evaluate
     future relationships (USA TODAY, 4/15)....Acting MLB
     Commissioner Bud Selig is profiled by Jim Souhan of the
     Minneapolis STAR TRIBUNE.  Selig, on the state of MLB: "We
     have a great chance at an all-time attendance record, and
     that's without the expansion teams" (STAR TRIBUNE, 4/15).

          With planning for the upcoming NFL season under way,
     "it is becoming apparent that the networks that agreed to
     pay the richest broadcasting-rights deal ever plan to make
     their advertisers pay the bill," and sports-marketing
     experts "believe the time could be right" for a new football
     league, according to Edward Moran of the PHILADELPHIA DAILY
     NEWS.  Industry sources say that execs at NBC and Turner
     have been directed from the "very top" to get plans for a
     new league going, and the decision to begin "could come by
     the end of the month."  NBC Sports VP/Communications Ed
     Markey called the discussions "absolutely serious."  Markey:
     "Perhaps by the end of the month we'll know more."  Moran
     writes that while many believe the NBC/Turner plan has the
     "best chance" among any proposed new leagues of working,
     others think that "enough problems exist to stop them,"
     including the quality of play and market oversaturation. 
     But Saatchi & Saatchi VP Jack Irving said there is "a lot of
     backlash in the advertising industry regarding the existing
     [NFL] advertising opportunities right now ... If there is a
     new league with attractive prices with rating guarantees,
     you may see some fallout."  But BBDO NY President Steve
     Grubbs said that he "has doubts" about a new league: "[I]t
     sounds like the CBA vs. the NBA" (DAILY NEWS, 4/15).