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Volume 24 No. 156
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          Among DAVID LETTERMAN's "Top Ten Signs You Won't Be
     College Basketball Player Of The Year": 10) You've made more
     turnovers than Betty Crocker; 9) You keep asking the coach
     what inning it is;  6) The referee calls you for "just plain
     sucking;" 5) Though the coach discourages it, you show up
     every game dressed as an astronaut; 4) Your strategy: Take a
     shot, do a shot; 3) After every game, you receive a "Thank
     You" note from the other team; 1) Frequently called for
     hand-checking yourself ("Late Show," CBS, 3/30).....PAUL
     ALLEN donated $800,000 to the Clark County, OR, YMCA (YMCA).
     ...CAMMI GRANATO will be a presenter at Nickelodeon's 11th
     annual Kids' Choice Awards, Saturday at 8:00pm ET (HOLLYWOOD
     REPORTER, 3/31)...The WASHINGTON POST's Kevin Merida
     continues his season-long profile of Raptors rookie TRACY
     MCGRADY, today focusing on McGrady's earned income.  Money
     from his endorsement deal with adidas "is funneled" through
     his CA-based agent ARN TELLEM, who then sends it to GA-based
     CSI Capital Management.  CSI puts McGrady's money in an
     investment account at Charles Schwab & Co.  That's where
     McGrady's paychecks from the Raptors are deposited as well. 
     A separate firm pays his bills (WASHINGTON POST, 3/31).
     ....Yankees Owner GEORGE STEINBRENNER, as quoted on CBS on
     Sunday: "There is no owner in sports -- be it football,
     baseball, basketball, or hockey -- that is going to sit and
     tell me he's not in it for the ego" (BOSTON GLOBE, 3/31).