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Volume 24 No. 160
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          At press time, sources said that D'Backs Managing
     General Partner Jerry Colangelo and a fan picked randomly
     from the stands will throw out the first pitch tonight for
     the D'Backs' inaugural opener (ARIZONA REPUBLIC, 3/31).
          BIG BUCKS AT THE BOB: With the construction of Bank One
     Ballpark (BOB), Colangelo "has put together the most
     lucrative marketing package in sports history," according to
     Ken Western of the ARIZONA REPUBLIC.  He is the architect of
     a multiyear, $430M advertising partnership "with some 60
     companies that are banking on the ballpark to boost their
     bottom line."  BOB was designed to showcase its sponsors
     through ways such as calling the main concourse Fox Sports
     Arizona Diamondtown.  Ellerbe Becket VP & Project Manager
     Mike Wright: "As much as anything, baseball is a game of
     dollars as it is a sport.  We tried to get as much potential
     for revenue in the building."  Such "heavy hitters" as
     America West, APS, Miller Brewing, 76/Circle K, Nissan and
     US West are spending up to $3.5M a year for the next 10-15
     years for promotional packages.  As "building partners,"
     each of these companies gets a 60-by-60-foot swinging panel
     in center field, among other signage.  Outfield wall
     advertising consists of Office Max, Fry's, Fox Sports and
     Sun Pool & Spa Products.  Other team partners, including
     PepsiCo, McDonald's and Auto Zone, are spending up to $1M in
     stadium advertising (ARIZONA REPUBLIC, 3/31).
          WHAT'S IN A NAME? FREE PARKING: KSLX-FM's morning team
     is sponsoring a promo where fans attending the D'Backs
     opener can get free parking one block from the stadium if
     their first name is the same or any derivation of BOB -- ie.
     Roberta, Bobby, Robbie, Bobette, etc (AZ REPUBLIC, 3/31).