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Volume 24 No. 156

Events Attractions

          One idea being discussed by the NCAA women's basketball
     committee is holding their season-ending tournament a week
     or two before it currently is held, according to Doug Tucker
     of the AP.  That schedule, or a week or two later, "wouldn't
     conflict as much with the men's tournament."  Any such
     change "would be a few years away, though, and ESPN would
     have to be involved in the discussions."  ESPN holds rights
     to the event through 2002 (AP/Bergen RECORD, 3/30).
          AT THE GATE: Final attendance at the NCAA women's Final
     Four tournament in K.C. was 17,976 for both the semifinals
     and final.  This year's tournament broke the women's all-
     time record, as a total of 285,428 spectators attended all
     sessions of the tournament, topping the previous mark of
     280,494 set in '94 (AP/Bergen RECORD, 3/30).
          ON TV: Friday's NCAA women's Final Four on ESPN earned
     a 1.3 rating, down from a 1.9 last year (N.Y. TIMES, 3/31). 
     CBS Sports President Sean McManus: "It's unfortunate there
     isn't some way to provide network coverage for the women's
     championship.  Because there is a perception if you're only
     on ESPN, it can't be a major event" (USA TODAY, 3/31).