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Volume 24 No. 156
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          NBA LABOR PAINS: One NBPA "union insider" tells Peter
     Vecsey of the N.Y. POST, "What incentive do owners have not
     to lock out players?  Players may be better organized for a
     long fight and show more unity than ever before, but the
     days are gone forever when you can ask them to sit out half
     of his guarantee for the good of the next generation. ...
     The average salary is close to $3 [million], we're talking
     about losing half before the owners start to feel some pain,
     too, in lost revenue.  There's just too much at risk almost
     right away for the player and his family" (N.Y. POST, 3/37).
          SENIOR TOUR HITS 21 EVENTS: The worldwide men's senior
     tennis tour, sanctioned by the ATP Tour, will begin its
     second year in '98-99 with 21 events.  New events have been
     added in Minneapolis, Boston, Melbourne and Qatar.  In the
     U.S., the Nuveen Tour will celebrate its fifth anniversary
     with nine events.  In Detroit, the circuit will join with
     Pistons G Joe Dumars to present the Mentadent Joe Dumars
     Champions, and for its inaugural event near Boston, the
     Nuveen Tour will join the WTA Tour for a two-week "Tennis
     Fest" event at Babson College in Wellesly, MA (ATP Tour).