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Volume 24 No. 112
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          TV: Fox's Monday night boxing card got a 4.3/6 national
     rating, while the Academy Awards broadcast on ABC averaged a
     34.9/55 (John Carmody, WASHINGTON POST, 3/25)....Fox
     VP/Media Relations Lou D'Ermilio told the L.A. TIMES that
     the network expects to have the FoxTrax glowing puck back by
     the playoffs (L.A. TIMES, 3/24)....CBS Sports will air "The
     Great Skate Debate" Friday night at 9:00pm ET.  The live
     figure skating competition will be judged by the live
     audience and home viewers, who will vote via the Internet
     (N.Y. TIMES, 3/25)....CBS's first NFL telecast since '94
     will be the 49ers-Seahawks American Bowl game in Vancouver
     on August 15 (USA TODAY, 3/25)....MEDIAWEEK's Langdon
     Brockinton reports that the Ravens are "looking to create" a
     half-hour weekly kids show.  Ravens VP/Sales & Marketing
     David Cope said that talks "are underway" with Baltimore
     stations on the show, which would air on Saturday or Sunday
     mornings this fall.  The team wants a time-buy where it
     would sell the ad inventory (MEDIAWEEK, 3/23 issue).
          MARCH MADNESS: Although CBS is experiencing its highest
     ratings for the men's NCAA tournament in four years,
     basketball analyst Billy Packer says, "The ratings are so
     ridiculous.  Name me any other event that has such a
     following.  You cannot go anywhere in America where people
     aren't involved in the tournament."  Packer, on statements
     he made regarding "60 Minutes" and its stories on college
     basketball: "I haven't heard from anyone in [CBS]. ... I may
     be full of it on this, but somebody has to explain to me how
     somebody in our organization can go out to hurt our
     relationship with the NCAA, which was most critical to us
     until the NFL deal" (Rudy Martzke, USA TODAY, 3/25)....In
     DC, Tony Kornheiser wrote on the NCAA tournament: "You can
     keep the NBA. ... Give me this tournament."  He adds, "It's
     gratifying to know TV ratings are up.  It means the American
     public has some sense about sports and the compelling
     theater of this tournament" (WASHINGTON POST, 3/24)., the official site of the NCAA men's and
     women's tournaments, has had 7 million visits so far.  The
     site, produced by Total College Sports Network, has set a
     record for online traffic, recording 92,145,116 hits and
     36,859,597 page views.  Last year's tournament site got 34
     million hits for the entire tournament (TCSN).
          GIVE ME LIBERTY, OR? In N.Y., Steve Zipay reported that
     MSG is negotiating with WJWR-AM, One-on-One Sports, to carry
     Liberty and MetroStars games (Steve Zipay, NEWSDAY 3/24).