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Volume 24 No. 158
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          The 49ers' "unsettled ownership situation" could cost
     San Francisco a chance to host the Super Bowl in 2003,
     according to Ira Miller of the S.F. CHRONICLE.  Although
     team President Carmen Policy said yesterday that he "was
     confident" about getting a stadium built in time for the
     game, NFL officials at the league meetings "were not quite
     so sure."  NFL President Neal Austrian said that the stadium
     project "would have to move forward significantly" by the
     end of this year to be completed by the league's timetable. 
     Austrian: "I think we'd have to see a commitment on the part
     of whoever is going to build the stadium that it's going to
     get done."  Miller writes that the league "clearly does not
     have a handle" on who will end up controlling the team, and
     Austrian said the league is "not going to get ... in the
     middle of an intrafamily fight at this point."  Several
     sources said that they "expect" Policy to lead a group to
     buy the team if the DeBartolos sell, but if Eddie DeBartolo
     regains control of the team, they "wouldn't expect" Policy
     to remain.  A "well-placed" source told Miller that the
     league "already was getting inquiries from outside parties
     interested in buying the team" (S.F. CHRONICLE, 3/25).
          BEST LAID PLANS? In San Jose, Jeordan Legon analyzed
     the stadium situation, and wrote that nine months after
     voters approved the project, "[k]ey players on the city's
     side of the deal" have shifted to other projects, opponents
     of the stadium "are mounting a new campaign," and rumors of
     the team's sale "have rocked the deal to its foundations." 
     Despite "assurances" from S.F. Mayor Willie Brown that the
     project will be built, "new questions are raised almost
     weekly," and the deal has "few assurances to guarantee
     completion."  Some "insiders" say that Eddie DeBartolo's
     latest strategy to regain control "could be to hand over his
     real estate interests to his sister if she will turn over
     total ownership" of the team (MERCURY NEWS, 3/24).