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Volume 24 No. 156
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          Academy Awards host BILLY CRYSTAL, greeting Best Actor
     winner and Lakers fan JACK NICHOLSON during the opening of
     the 70th Academy Awards: "I'm a Clippers fan.  We don't get
     to the same games" (ABC, 3/23)....Celtics coach RICK PITINO
     was profiled in the ROBB REPORT by Michael Lindenberger, who
     wrote that Pitino "brings hard work and discipline to a
     league known for millionaire twenty-somethings who often
     resist hard work.  The Pitino factor can be summed up in two
     words: respect and enthusiasm" (ROBB REPORT, 3/98).
     ...Announcer RAY SCOTT, the TV voice of the Packers during
     the Lombardi era, died Monday in Minneapolis following a
     long illness (MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL, 3/24).....DUTCHIE
     CARAY, the widow of HARRY CARAY, will sing "Take Me Out To
     The Ballgame" during the seventh inning of the Cubs home
     opener April 3.  The team says she will be the first in an
     array of "guest conductors" (CHICAGO SUN-TIMES, 3/24)....The
     Supreme Court, without comment, refused to drop DON KING
     PRODUCTIONS as a co-defendant in the insurance-fraud suit
     against King.  King was "hoping to make himself less
     vulnerable" to the charges.  The case against King will
     begin next week (BOSTON GLOBE, 3/24)....Former Penguins
     President JACK KELLEY is serving as a hockey technical
     advisor on the new Disney film "Mystery, Alaska," which
     chronicles a hockey team in AL.  The film, produced by
     Penguins Owner HOWARD BALDWIN and his Baldwin/ Cohen
     production company in conjunction with TV producer DAVID
     KELLEY, will be released later this year (THE DAILY).