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Volume 24 No. 158
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          MLB'S ROCKY MOUNTAIN HIGH: MLBP has retained GBSM
     Public Relations and Sander/GBSM Marketing to provide local
     PR for the '98 Pinnacle All-Star FanFest, to be held July 3-
     7 at the CO Convention Center (MLBP).  In Denver, Penny
     Parker previews the FanFest.  GBSM partner Rob Johnson: "The
     average fan won't be able to drive up to Coors Field and buy
     tickets for the [All-Star] game.  Instead, (FanFest) will
     give them a baseball Disneyland" (DENVER POST, 3/20).
          LANDING ON MARS: Oakley has begun shipping its Mars
     model X-Metal sunglasses line.  Suggested retail price of
     the glasses will be $265 to $315.  The Mars design was
     influenced by board member Michael Jordan, who received his
     pair with serial no. 000023.  Jordan is featured in the Mars
     ad campaign, which launched last month (Oakley).
          NOTES: The new Budweiser ad campaign from IL-based DDB
     Needham will feature boxing announcer Michael Buffer and his
     "Let's Get Ready To Rumble" tag.  No break date has been
     announced (AD AGE, 3/19)....In Boston, Gregg Krupa examines
     the NCAA tournament's financial impact on participating
     schools.  Krupa writes that a study by NC-based Price/McNabb
     estimated that last year's Sweet 16 run by UT-Chatanooga
     brought the school $22M worth of free media exposure (BOSTON
     GLOBE, 3/20)....In Montreal, an editorial addresses Nike's
     recent woes: "While [Nike] appropriated the name of a Greek
     goddess, it neglected to glance at the rest of the ancient
     Greeks' beliefs.  Had it done so, it might have known to
     avoid hubris -- the Greek's great sin, the trait of
     arrogance, of putting yourself too high.  Few other
     companies have gone down this road so brazenly."   The
     editorial concludes: "Every last thunderbolt that the
     business gods throw at it Nike deserves" (GAZETTE, 3/20).
     ....L.A.-based K2 will begin putting its logo on shorts,
     shirts and caps to be sold in surf shops.  K2 is using its
     acquisition of Katin USA as a "springboard" into the $1.7B
     surf wear industry (L.A. TIMES, 3/19).