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          NBA owners will vote Monday to "void the final three
     years" of its CBA, "setting the stage for a potential
     lockout at the end of the season," according to officials
     cited by David Moore of the DALLAS MORNING NEWS.  The
     league's Board of Governors will officially meet in Dallas
     on Monday, and each of the league's 29 teams received the
     report by the Labor Relations Committee appointed by NBA
     Commissioner David Stern.  The 17-page document "strongly
     recommends the owners exercise a trigger clause" to re-open
     the CBA and the "owners are expected to embrace that
     recommendation."  League officials have "canvassed clubs" on
     the vote and "indicate that at minimum of 21 or 22 teams" 
     will vote to re-open.  A simple majority of 15 votes is
     required to re-open (DALLAS MORNING NEWS, 3/20).  NBPA Exec
     Dir Billy Hunter told USA TODAY's Greg Boeck that he expects
     owners to vote to re-open the CBA: "This doesn't come as a
     surprise to me" (USA TODAY, 3/20).  
          WHAT THEY WANT: On ESPN SportsZone, David Aldridge
     writes that league "[p]eople I've talked to in the last
     couple of weeks don't sound like they want to crush the
     union or force huge player concessions.  They sound like
     businessmen who want to make a deal that's good for them. 
     But not one that's horrible for the players."  Among issues
     owners "have to have relief on" include reducing the
     percentage of income spent on players salaries; redoing the
     rookie cap and three-year contract for draft picks, and
     modifying the 20% rule where salaries rise a maximum of 20%
     over the previous season (ESPN SportsZone, 3/18).