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Volume 24 No. 159

Facilities Venues

          In Denver, the Metropolitan Football Stadium Board
     "voted unanimously to recommend" that the state Legislature
     "throw out" plans for a possible retractable dome on a new
     stadium for the Broncos.  The Board also recommended that
     the Legislature allow the Board to retain control of
     "potentially lucrative" naming rights to a new stadium. 
     Naming rights "could generate more than" $20M a year in
     revenues (DENVER POST, 3/20)....The TAMPA TRIBUNE notes
     problems at newly constructed Tropicana Field, which hosts
     this weekend's NCAA South regionals.  The stadium's rotunda,
     its "signature architectural feature," was closed because it
     was leaking "badly."  NCAA Media Coordinator Jim Marchiony:
     "There are still issues here and they're being worked on"
     (TAMPA TRIBUNE, 3/20)....The Flyers announced plans to build
     a $10M twin rink skating center in Voorhees, PA, which would
     serve as the practice facility for the Flyers and the AHL
     Phantoms (PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER, 3/20). 

          NC House Speaker Pro Tem Steve Wood said he wants to
     try to "slip through a bill delaying indefinitely a vote" on
     a 1% prepared food tax to help fund a new baseball stadium
     in the Triad area, according to John Nagy of the Greensboro
     NEWS & RECORD.  Wood, an opponent of public financing, said
     he "wants to head off what he believes will be a rejection
     of the tax.  Politicians have been distancing themselves
     from the tax, restaurants who once supported it are pulling
     out and even tourism groups are wary of getting involved." 
     But proponents of bringing an MLB team to the Triad area
     said the plan "will not work without the public sharing the
     cost" (Greensboro NEWS & RECORD, 3/18).