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Volume 25 No. 177
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          Penguins Owner HOWARD BALDWIN, one of the "main
     backers" of the film "Mystery, Alaska," is "working hard" to
     cast former NHLers in his film about an Alaskan pond hockey
     team playing the Rangers.  The former players would take the
     roles originally scripted for current NHL stars who are
     unavailable due to the NHL/Olympic schedule.  RUSSELL CROWE
     and BURT REYNOLDS star in the Disney project (CALGARY SUN,
     2/4)....JEFF GORDON appeared on the "Late Show" with DAVID
     LETTERMAN.  Letterman asked Gordon what he did with the $1M
     for winning the Winston Cup.  Letterman: "You didn't spend
     it on cigarettes, did you?"  Gordon: "We can get those for
     free."  Letterman also featured a mock promo for the NFL's
     return to CBS.  The voiceover: "After a four-year absence,
     the NFL is returning to CBS, and you won't believe how
     things have changed.  The Houston Oilers moved to Tennessee,
     the New York Jets now only suck part of the time ... and the
     Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders were selected for the White
     House internship program.  The NFL on CBS -- Welcome Home"
     (CBS, 2/3)....JESPER PARNEVIK was a guest on the "Tonight
     Show" with Jay Leno.  Parnevik, on his nickname of the
     Swedish Spaceman: "I'm a little bit absent-minded, I would
     say.  I would go to some tournaments, I would drive there
     all fired up, I'd go there and say, 'Where is everybody?' 
     Then I would just find out I drove to the wrong city.  So I
     guess the name is called for on some occasions" (NBC, 2/3).