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Volume 24 No. 155
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          According to MD-based Eisner & Associates Advertising's
     annual study, 7% of U.S. adults will watch the Super Bowl
     "just" to see the ads.  That has jumped from 4% in '97 and
     means over 10,000,000 people watch the Super Bowl solely to
     see the commercials.  The study also found that those paying
     more attention to the ads, even if the contest is decided
     early, have increased from 51% in '97 to 55% in '98.  Of the
     expected viewers, 22% will watch many (36-58) of the 58
     Super Bowl ads; 23% will watch some (16-35); 22% will not
     watch many (1-15); and 33% will not watch any of the 58 ads
     or not watch the game at all.  The study was conducted among
     1,000 households nationwide after the Super Bowl teams were
     determined and has a 3.5% margin of error (Eisner & Assoc).
          SUPER SUNDAY: The 30-plus Super Bowl advertisers will
     pay $43,333 for each second of ad time during Sunday's
     broadcast, according to Stuart Elliott of the N.Y. TIMES. 
     Elliott reports that "mainstays" like automakers, fast food
     and sneaker companies, "are giving way to an unconventional
     combination of advertisers high and low," including computer
     chips and software, telecom products and services, Internet
     shopping and satellite TV equipment (N.Y. TIMES, 1/23).  In
     Boston, Chris Reidy writes "there seems to be no overarching
     theme" to this year's ads (BOSTON GLOBE, 1/23).  MSNBC's
     Keith Olbermann, juxtaposing the Super Bowl to the events
     involving President Clinton: "Hello, good evening, and
     welcome from San Diego, site of a decreasingly relevant
     Super Bowl XXXII come this Sunday" ("The Big Show," 1/22).  
          THE PLAYERS: In Orlando, Jim Abbott reports some of
     this year's "most anticipated spots" are A-B's Louie the
     Lizard plotting to rid the world of the Budweiser frogs;
     Pepsi's Gen-X body-piercing spot and a gnat doing a Mick
     Jagger impersonation for Pepsi's Lipton Brisk iced tea; and
     Nike's "The Evolution of Skin" featuring "seemingly naked
     images of" Lisa Leslie, David Robinson and Michael Johnson
     (ORLANDO SENTINEL, 1/23)....CA-based Pocket Pump owners Rob
     Lange and Chuck Davey will show off their invention, via a
     30-second spot, courtesy of Mail Boxes Etc.'s "See Your
     Small Business on the Super Bowl Search" contest.  The
     Pocket Pump is an air pump designed to inflate sports balls
     (THE DAILY)....In Atlanta, Mickey Gramig reports that Coca-
     Cola is "spreading its Super Bowl ad dollars across the
     globe through sponsorship of MTV's 'Rock-N-Jock' Super Bowl
     weekend programming."  The MTV event, "designed to reach
     teenagers not tuned in to the game, will feature more than"
     30 spots featuring Coca-Cola products (ATLANTA CONSTITUTION,
     1/23)....CA-based Auto-By-Tel returns after running a spot
     last year.  Auto-By-Tel CEO Pete Ellis: "Our business
     increased by about 50% and that never dropped below that
     number.  We had a big bump in business" (CNBC, 1/22).