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Volume 24 No. 114
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          Walt Disney World recently asked Broncos coach Mike
     Shanahan whether he "would be willing to become the first
     NFL Coach to look into the camera and proclaim 'I'm going to
     Disney World'" should his team win the game, according to
     Adam Schefter of the DENVER POST.  Shanahan declined the
     offer, "even though he said Disney World was offering to pay
     him $30,000."  Shanahan: "I don't care how much they pay me,
     I'm not saying 'I'm going to Disney World.'"  So, Disney
     World "is thought to have lined up" six players, including
     Broncos John Elway and Terrell Davis, and Packers Brett
     Favre and Dorsey Levens.  If any of those players is named
     as the MVP of the game, "it is believed" he would be paid
     $30,000 to "look into the camera" and say the phrase. 
     Disney had no comment on the matter (DENVER POST, 1/22).
          SAN DIEGO NOTES: Nike "proved again this week" that
     "nobody is more opportunistic" in advertising when it
     outfitted the car which transported Terrell Davis to a pep
     rally in his honor at his old San Diego high school with a
     "giant swoosh," according to Luke Cyphers of the N.Y. DAILY
     NEWS.  A VW Beetle featured a Broncos helmet along with the
     swoosh when it burst through a paper banner.  The three-
     column, four-inch photo of the moment, which ran in
     yesterday's USA Today, "would run" $13,700 if purchased as
     an ad, but Cyphers writes Nike "didn't spend a dime on it"
     (N.Y. DAILY NEWS, 1/22)....John Elway and Mike Shanahan have
     invested in a FL-based laundry superstore called Laundromax,
     which "hopes to do to the coin laundry industry what
     Blockbuster has done to video rentals."  Laundromax
     President & Founder Alan Haig "declined to say how much" the
     two had invested (Michele Conklin, ROCKY MOUNT. NEWS, 1/21).
          TARGETING WOMEN: With its Football 101 classes, an
     extensive line of women's clothing, flag-football leagues
     for both sexes and "even a cookbook, the NFL's so-called
     Women's Initiative is underway with positive results,"
     according to Diane Seo of the L.A. TIMES.  NFLP President
     Sara Levinson: "The reaction exceeded our expectations.  We
     knew we had a huge fan base of women out there.  The key was
     to tailor programs to get them even more involved" (L.A.
     TIMES, 1/22)....Dallas-based Promos Int'l, which designs and
     manufactures "naughty nighties" for the NFL and other pro
     leagues, was featured on "Extra."  Promos Int'l CEO Marvin
     Gooch: "Over 70% of all women purchase NFL merchandise. 
     That means that they purchase that either for themselves,
     their significant others or husbands or sons, but nothing
     was being manufactured for them" ("Extra," 1/21).