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Volume 24 No. 114
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          LAMAR HUNT was profiled by DONALD VAN DE MARK on
     "Business Unusual with Lou Dobbs."  Hunt, who owns the MLS
     Crew and Wizards, on MLS' future:  "I think it's gonna take
     off.  Even the fact that the U.S. has again qualified for
     the World Cup helps a lot" ("Business Unusual," CNN, 1/10).
          OTHER NAMES: PEYTON MANNING has signed with agent LEIGH
     "Firestorm," which opened Friday, was the seventh-highest
     grossing film over the weekend, bringing in $4M overall
     (HOLLYWOOD REPORTER, 1/12)....O.J. SIMPSON will be
     interviewed on ESPN's "Up Close" on Thursday.  An ESPN
     source told Larry Stewart of the L.A. TIMES that there will
     be no restrictions on questions, and Simpson said, "They can
     ask me anything they want" (L.A. TIMES, 1/10)....TERRY
     PLEDGER, who won $1M at the Orange Bowl in the Gillette
     Touchdown Challenge, was a guest on the "Late Show" with
     DAVID LETTERMAN on Friday.  "Gillette" was mentioned five
     times, and the video from the FedEx Orange Bowl, with
     prominent Gillette signage, was shown ("Late Show," 1/9).